Before I describe my licenses I’d like to state that these descriptions are for my own site(s) only.  I do not claim to know what other site/shop owners mean when they list their licenses.  You should always read each site owner’s terms of use & license descriptions before any purchase.

Please click on the links below to read my definition(s) of each license I offer.  If you have any questions please contact me I’m happy to help.

WordPress & Webset (HTML/CSS) Licenses

Why I offer the licenses I do….

When I first started in this community most outline packages were sold without any licenses at all.  Some sites offered a regular tube license, but a lot of them did not.  In the years since then I’ve had many customers ask for certain licenses so they could have other permissions for my artwork.  Most of the time I do not mind offering certain permissions for use of my work, but it does get time consuming granting individual licenses on a person by person basis.  For this reason I (and probably many other site owners) have decided to offer general licenses that cover most of the more popular uses for purchase with our work.  It is not out of greed that we offer these licenses for the most part it is because we’ve been asked to do so.  I’ve seen a lot of issues in the community about certain people complaining about the way some of us offer our artwork… my only defense is to say that it is MY work and I alone will decide what can and can not be done with it.  I would never go to another Artist and tell them they can not or should not offer something.  I try to keep my customers happy, and if this means granting certain permissions with my artwork then I suppose that is my right, and mine alone.  If you find yourself disagreeing with me that is okay too!  When it comes to your own artwork it is YOUR decision on how you handle permissions and I applaud you for caring enough about your work to make up your own mind… just like I do.